Exhibitors can capitalize on direct networking and liaising from their booth space. With strategic locations adjacent to the conference, exposure to traffic is maximized. This is the perfect opportunity to promote your project and solutions to a global audience while connecting with key decision makers and industry leaders.

What's included?

  • Exhibiting space for the entire two days of the conference
  • 10’ x 10’ Booth in room/hallway adjacent to conference site
  • Booth will include a 6’ table, 2 chairs, wastebasket and electricity
  • Ability to tend the booth during meal breaks and before/after conference times
  • Secure area to store booth items during non-conference times
  • Unlimited number of people may be present to work the booth (no limit on number of participants)

Booth price: $500

Note: Price does not include registration. Exhibitors must be registered guests of the conference.

Register Booth

Metegrity is no longer accepting conference booth registrations


Sponsors can capitalize on brand premium logo signage visible at all key events. In addition, we offer tiered sponsorship packages that include speaking opportunities, exhibition booth space, conference attendance, distribution of promotional materials, and more.

This is an opportunity to elevate your brand to a global audience of industry professionals. Download our Sponsorship Prospectus at the button below for full details on what’s included in our sponsor packages.

Why sponsor?

  • Reach a new targeted audience
  • Elevate your brand awareness to owner operators
  • Position yourself as a thought leader and industry expert

Sponsorship Prospectus

Metegrity is no longer accepting sponsors for the conference

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