Dent Analyzer

Dent Analyzer by Metegrity and Blade Technology helps pipeline operators, ILI vendors, and field inspection service companies to evaluate dent strain using ILI or field laser scan dent profile data and compare ASME B31.8 strain acceptance criteria.

Dent Analyzer calculates dent strain based on B31.8 Appendix R framework. The input is in-line inspection dent radii data, laser scanner data, or in-ditch dent profile data. The output is dent-strain – industry accepted and FEA validated.

Dent Analyzer benefits pipeline operators and industry, through reduced digs required to remediate pipelines due to dents and with fewer cutouts and faster dent assessments.

Dent Analyzer
  • Simple Input and Advanced Filtering
  • Calculates strain for numerous dents (no limits on number of dents)
  • Faster computational run time (Computes within seconds)
  • Present data, analysis options, and results in a user-friendly interface
  • Efficient Plotting functions and settings
  • Extensive geometry detailing capabilities
  • Outputs results to Microsoft Word and Excel reports and tables