Thank you for putting on the 18th Visions Users Conference. Presentations and discussions were great, and it is good to see how Metegrity is developing towards digitalization and integrated solutions. I am looking forward to implement some of the new features available in the next Visions release, especially Visions Go, which I think presents a large potential for quality, consistency, and efficiency in writing Inspection Reports. I also enjoyed meeting other Visions users and share user experiences.

Asset Integrity Supervisor

Visions continues to increase its presence as a leading Asset Integrity Data Management system that supports inspections and enhances management decision making.

Asset Integrity Process Supervisor
Chevron Angola

The extremely professional individuals at Metegrity know their business inside out and have always gone beyond any other company I’ve ever dealt with.

Advanced Facility Specialist
Marathon Oil Company

I really appreciated the opportunity to be part of the conversation around the on-going evolution of the Metegrity Visions programs. It’s refreshing to be using a software product where the owners place such a high regard in the user’s input and requirements.

Fixed Equipment Inspector
Parkland Refining

The conference was very rich in content and presented immense networking opportunity, meeting with Colleagues/peers from Chevron (Angola), Shell Canada and various other Oil & Gas companies.

Asset Integrity, QA & Standards Manager
Seplat Petroleum

The Metegrity reporting system is very user friendly, even for technologically challenged individuals. Their support staff is twice as good at ensuring the system operates seamlessly.

Access Inspector

Working with the pipeline inspection app from Pipeline Enterprises has enabled inspectors to capture and document inspection data in real time. It is a digital journal with additional functions related to craft inspection.

Coating Inspector

I’m getting older, and hate computers. I’m 64 and have 40 years experience in weld inspection. What I like about the tablets is that it makes it easier to do my job with minimal computer knowledge. Lately, inspectors are being hired with more computer experience than welding knowledge. I think it puts me on an even playing field. The tablets will make it easier to keep working if I want to.

Weld Inspector