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We deliver complete quality and asset integrity management solutions from the wellhead to the shipping terminal.

Our comprehensive product suite begins with a pipeline construction management system. Our advanced asset integrity management software then allows you to manage integrity of all equipment types from a single platform, reducing costly equipment failures in the pipeline, power generation, chemical, mining & metals and oil & gas industries (upstream, midstream and downstream). Our products offer streamlined adherence to all global auditing standards and seamless connectivity with existing SAP, EAM and CMMS systems.

Backed by a team of dedicated professionals and experienced engineers, Metegrity’s products have been user-driven and developed over the past 20 years to reduce equipment failure, prevent unplanned shutdowns, extend asset health and maximize ROI.

Our clients will attest: Pipeline Enterprise, Visions Enterprise and VisionsGo are revolutionizing the industry.

Streamline regulatory compliance
Improve safety & efficiency
Prolong equipment life
On Premise or Cloud Based for faster deployment
Risk Based Inspection
Secure, robust, comprehensive database

Achieving Efficient Implementation of Asset Integrity Software

Seamless Audit Compliance with all Major Global Standards


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Asset Performance Management vs Asset Integrity Management: What’s the Difference?

Two “buzz terms” have been floating around in the world of asset management recently: Asset Performance Management (APM) and Asset Integrity Management (AIM). Semantically, they appear to be very similar. Indeed, that has led to a lot of confusion throughout the industry. Professionals from asset-intensive organizations are often asking: What are these terms? Do they mean the same thing? If not, what’s the difference? Why should I care?

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The extremely professional individuals at Metegrity know their business inside out and have always gone beyond any other company I’ve ever dealt with.

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