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Digital Transformation
of the Full Asset Lifecycle

From construction through to decommissioning

Metegrity is the market leader in pipeline construction quality and asset integrity management (AIM) software solutions for plants, pipelines, and facilities. For over 25 years we have established a proven track record in the oil & gas, pipeline, mining, and chemical process industries.

One Provider, Multiple Solutions

Construction quality management. Asset integrity management. Mobile, digital technology.

Gain intelligence from your assets and pave the way for advanced analytics and machine learning. Collect, centralize and standardize all data into one searchable database. Whether you need to accelerate pipeline production or improve visibility into the condition of your assets, our products have you covered.

Pipeline Construction Solution Asset Integrity Solution

All Asset Types,
One Platform
Inspection Costs
Risk Based
Up to 50%
Fewer Shutdowns

Digital Data On the “Go”

New mobile data management technology

Now you can collect, update and sync work directly between the field and Visions via mobile tablet. Discover our newest mobile technology, which accelerates inspection management with instant access to the information you need.

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Seamless Regulatory Compliance

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Published Articles

Comparing Standalone RBI Products with Asset Integrity Management Solutions

Standalone RBI vs. a Comprehensive AIM program – Which to choose?

Risk Based Inspection (RBI). A pillar in modern asset integrity technology, its benefits have become widely known and accepted (we examined all of the ways RBI reduces shutdowns and improves profitability in previous articles, here and here). The intelligent risk analysis afforded in comparing an asset’s unique probability of failure (PoF) vs. its consequence of failure (CoF) allows operators to reliably extend inspection intervals. In fact, RBI has been shown to reduce inspection points by as much as 80%, and cut down the likelihood of unplanned shutdowns by more than half.

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VisionsGo presents a large potential for quality, consistency, and efficiency in writing Inspection reports. It’s good to see how Metegrity is developing towards digitalization and integrated solutions.

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