Risk Based Inspection Risk Based Inspection

Risk Based Inspection

Risk Based Inspection is crucial for optimizing the operation and maintenance of industrial plants in various industries.

While RBI can help meet financial, reliability and regulatory needs, the best improvement in your plant’s performance availability and safety is when RBI is integrated into the Asset Integrity Management System.

Visions Enterprise integrates the methodologies for RBI analysis with the functionality of an IDMS, delivering the most mature asset integrity management product today. The comprehensive software includes a dedicated RBI module which is API RP 580 and API RP 581 compliant. This allows companies to create risk models – qualitative / semi-quantitative / Fully Quantitative to suit their corporate risk tolerance and regulatory compliances. The novel math editor capabilities embedded in Visions enable clients to develop custom risk algorithms.

The integrated RBI program in Visions Enterprise provides added functionality to intelligently analyze equipment’s probability of failure (POF) vs consequence of failure (COF), the prudent approach to managing critical assets. It assures a structured, systematic, and technically defensible approach to decision making.