Alarm Ratings

Visions Alarm Ratings provide the ability to configure a “traffic light” prioritization structure for date fields in log grids. Assign priority within any number of grids, including Reliability Plan Work, Work Memos, Scheduling, NCRs and TML’s using a list of action levels.

Different configurations can be applied on levels from 1-5 (with 1 being the most critical). These levels are used to identify icon markers and/or row background and font colorization for each record in the grid.


Increase project efficiency and integrity with Visions Dashboard feature. The Dashboard lists all items that require attention in a given timeframe with a simple, intuitive display.

The Dashboard allows you to view, change and refresh counts, and access individual result records. Simply select a date range to view all pertinent items and then quickly navigate to those items with ease.


Enhance your thickness monitoring management with the Datalogger interface, which allows you to directly import and export thickness readings between datalogging gauges and Visions. This can be managed through either equipment or trail files.

This automates the thickness measuring process, significantly improving project efficiency. Visions Datalogger interface has a direct link with a multitude of Olympus and GE gauges.


Engineering Data

Manage physical assets with ease with Engineering Data. Visions comprehensive layout is based on ASME/API data sheets, including complete engineering and manufacturer’s data for all of your assets. There are currently over 30 equipment types available.

All equipment information is seamlessly integrated into the various modules to avoid duplication, saving you time and reducing your production costs. Visions interfaces with AutoCAD, creating dynamic links between your equipment and related drawings.


Excel Wizard

Create formatted Excel spreadsheets with ease using Visions Excel Wizard. The Wizard provides simple, structured Excel templates that allow you to populate data from a spreadsheet format using the same data structure as within Visions. These templates can be used to create spreadsheets to use as templates, to validate populated spreadsheets prior to import, and to import populated spreadsheets in order to create and update data.

Integrity Reports

Improve overall inspection efficiency with Visions Integrity Reports, which provide a centralized, standardized location for inspection findings. Easily view and track inspection results for each piece of equipment and trigger scheduling calculations.

Create targeted inspection plans from integrated work lists and recommendations. Full histories of inspection activities are kept within each equipment file for easy access, and are fully searchable within the system.


View summarized data of key performance items with the Visions Key Performance Indicator (KPI). The KPI summarizes data for key areas of Visions, including Risk Assessment, Matrix Distribution, Equipment and TML scheduling. The interface provides summarized pivot grids which may be printed, viewed as graphs, or drilled down to detailed listings.

Non-Conformance Report (NCR)

Enhance quality assurance with our Non-Conformance Report (NCR) feature. The NCR is used to document issues found during work or inspection that do not conform to the standards set by your organization, including safety compliance issues, material discrepancies, environment compliance issues, overdue integrity tasks or asset behavior. Visions employs centralized access and simplified searching and reporting of NCRs.


Define rules and receive convenient alerts when the conditions are met with Visions Notification feature. Users may subscribe for notifications through either alerts within the Visions Client or by email. Configure which personnel will be notified and how, as well as the scope and parameters of the alert, according to the needs of your project.


Document the long-term recommendations or requirements for your equipment with ease. This feature allows you to apply the recommendation to equipment and identify the source of the recommendation. It also provides the ability to document any action or work taken to date.

Generate specific work from a variety of sources, including: integrity reports, risk assessments, service reports or integrity manuals.


Produce complete, current and customizable reports. Visions Report Generator allows you to deliver comprehensive and up-to-date analyses of your data with a few simple clicks.

Readily customizable reports are available to meet your specialized needs. Maximize integrity management by controlling which users can access and create reports. Visions’ Report Generator ensures regulatory compliance, while maximizing efficiency by locating all outputs in one place.


Enjoy effective turnarounds and reduced equipment downtime with Visions Scheduling. Effectively determine, schedule and execute all work related to your equipment. Scheduling is divided into four main formats: Standard Equipment, Major Equipment, Circuits, and Pressure Safety Valves.

Scheduling provides an overview of scheduled work or inspection due on equipment or circuits. You will have an interface to realign scheduled work or outage dates. You can review due dates for components, TMLs and Protection/Protected Equipment.


Protect all data and track all changes with Visions comprehensive security model. This role-based security model’s robust foundation utilizes both Oracle and application functions to control access to and within the application. It can be fully customized with an unlimited amount of roles.

Administrators control users’ access levels, preventing accidental completion of high significance operations (such as report sign-offs) by under-qualified users. User access rights can be defined in terms of plants and equipment types.

Thickness Monitoring

Reduce production costs with Visions Thickness Monitoring Location (TML) feature, which allows you to create and store multiple TMLs and readings. Trend thicknesses, tube creep, boiler replacements and repairs with ease, in both numeric and graphical displays.

Visions utilizes standard calculations for long and short term corrosion rates, expiration dates, and theoretical/historical corrosion rates. TMLs are scheduled according to RBI rules. Our Datalogger interface - integrated right into the software - allows you to analyze data in real-time as it is collected.

Work Memos

Efficiently analyze inspection and work history with Work Memos. These work memos are separated into two categories: inspection tasks, which are the work or task dispositions for the inspection department; and work requests, which are aimed at other company departments. Together, they create a full work log of items related to the integrity of equipment.

All histories of work including approved, unapproved, completed, and requested but not performed are kept in an easily accessible format. Work memos can be integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to maximize efficiency.