Seamlessly integrate database information with AutoCAD drawings, and view TML results on field copies.

This helps to reduce the risk of wasting resources taking measurements in the incorrect location.

Boiler Tube Trending

Designed for use in large boilers of Power Generating Facilities, this module manages large quantities of thickness reading, calculates corrosion rates and manages TML schedules.

It provides the means to record inspection activity in confined and complex tube arrangements. Integration with AutoCAD allows you to view tubes in need of repair/replacement.

Cathodic Protection

Create systems to monitor the health of your Impressed and Galvanic CP systems, schedule inspections, analyze results and develop integrity plans.

This module facilitates increased knowledge of corrosion condition, helping you better allocate inspection resources.

CMMS Integration

End the tedious practice of dual data entry in your CMMS and your AIM software. Visions allows seamless integration with ERP, CMMS including Maximo, JDE, etc. It also provides certified integration right out of the box with SAP and EAM.

This allows for a single point of entry for data input, synced asset registry, and the ability to manage work based on risk.

Integrity Manuals
(Corrosion Control Documents)

This module allows you to document individual process unit corrosion analysis in a structured format. It improves understanding of the potential of acting degradation mechanisms specific to the asset.

Delivering enhanced ability to predict corrosion, it forms the basis for developing focused inspection plans and monitoring strategies.

This enables you to focus resources on critical equipment, rather than waste capital on unnecessary inspections.

Integrity Operating Windows (IOW)

IOW allows you to improve predictive accuracy. It monitors an asset’s operating conditions and sends early alerts if pre-defined boundaries are exceeded.

These early warnings allow for immediately proactive maintenance, helping you to avoid catastrophic failure.


Dedicated to the needs of the pipeline industry, including midstream, downstream, and upstream. It uses post construction/commissioning to manage pipeline integrity.

This module facilitates complete pipeline integrity management, including scheduling ILI inspections for buried pipeline segments as well as scheduling above ground equipment contained in compressor and pumping stations.


Tailored to piping, injection points, and valves. 

Customized ability to catalogue, trend, schedule and manage external inspection programs according to the unique profiles of these asset types.

Pressure Equipment

Visions provides comprehensive equipment and type customization, allowing you to catalogue, trend and schedule a vast array of diverse equipment. For pressure equipment, Visions offers modules tailored to steam boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, piping, safety valves, and other components and assemblies subject to pressure loading.

This is the basis for managing the integrity of these equipment types.

Pressure Safety Valve

Enables you to manage PSVs in the same database as pressure equipment, so you immediately know which asset is protected by which PSV(s).

Due to the recording of pre-test results, you can easily identify poorly performing valves using the report generator. 

Quality Assurance

This module provides a structured approach to managing the qualifications of various integrity related disciplines – including welders, API inspectors, and onsite contractors.

With this module, all certifications, qualifications, calibration and maintenance logs are centralized and easily accessed.


Visions’ RBI module enables you to focus inspection resources on critical equipment while improving reliability of equipment. It can drastically reduce inspection frequency.

With risk models in any combination of Qualitative, Quantitative or Semi-Quantitative, it provides the flexibility to select the right RBI model for your business. Compliant with API 580/581.

Rotating Equipment

Dedicated to rotating equipment types, including centrifugal pumps, general purpose steam turbines, and motors. 

Don’t rely solely on a CMMS for the integrity of your rotating equipment. This module allows you to manage reliability codes and history, while assessing the impact of changes on asset condition and reliability.

SmartPlant Review

Access the SmartPlant Review (SPR) 3D viewer right from within Visions. Link and integrate a plant’s 3D model with the Visions database, and create inspection/engineering isometrics directly from that model.

This improves accuracy, reliability, and safety all while significantly reducing time and expense. It removes the need for creating inspection drawings in another medium.


This module allows for the scheduling and trending of items that require field measurements. It consolidates items such as weights, lengths, pressure gauge readings, thermography and more into one central platform for analysis.

Define your own trending and reading types to manage any measurable item. 

Offshore Structures

This module allows you to conduct all integrity management (RBI assessments, inspection scheduling, reports, pictures, corrosion data, etc.) in one place.

By utilizing one medium for all equipment – both onshore and offshore – you reduce risk to personnel, decrease the likelihood of asset failure, and improve asset integrity.