KPIs for Management: Asset Integrity and Process Safety

Watch our on-demand webinar and gain valuable insights into the art and science of KPI management in the oil and gas industry, with a focus on asset integrity and process safety. This webinar is specifically curated for plant management teams looking to optimize performance and achieve sustainable growth.

As a specialist in the field of performance optimization, Mike Marshall, P.E. worked closely with the VP and plant managers of a top five oil refining company to develop a robust and strategic KPI management system which is called the AIPSM model, i.e., a hybrid management system coupling of asset integrity and process safety designed for systemic improvement across the enterprise.

Key topics covered include:

  • Art and science of KPI design specifically tailored for the oil and gas industry, focusing on asset integrity and process safety management
  • How to identify and define purposeful metrics that align with your organization's mission, vision, and strategic objectives
  • Best practices for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing KPI data to streamline decision-making and drive actionable insights
  • How to foster a culture of accountability and achievement by cascading KPIs throughout your organization, promoting collaboration and boosting employee engagement
  • How effective KPIs can give you a competitive edge in the dynamic oil and gas industry by identifying market trends, capitalizing on opportunities, and adapting to changing circumstances